For my baby ~ Ferris Mokhtar van de Ven

For my baby ~ Ferris Mokhtar van de Ven;
..for all my love, my heart and soul..all belong to you! This is how ummie love you - higher than a mountain, wider than an ocean ~

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ferris Mokthar - Dutchman on why he took son away to Belgium

New Straits Times


By Kristina George

PUTRAJAYA: Frank Theodorus van de Ven @ Firdaus has finally broken his silence in the wake of repeated claims by his former Malaysian wife that he had "kidnapped" their son, Ferris Mokthar, and taken him abroad.

He said he had been forced to take his 5-year-old son to Belgium as he had feared that Elis Syuhaila Mokhtar, 34, would disappear with Ferris as she did for 480 days from Nov 10, 2007.

He said there was every chance she would do the same despite he being granted ex-parte custody over Ferris after Elis failed to show up for the custody hearing in the syariah court in January last year.

The court had issued an arrest warrant for Elis when she failed to appear at the hearing.

In an email to the New Straits Times to counter recent statements by Elis, van de Ven said Ferris had been "abducted" by Elis, leaving him desperately looking for his son.

He said he tracked Elis and Ferris down to the Sunway Lagoon Resort Hotel on Dec 29 last year.
File picture of Frank Theodorus van de Ven @ Firdaus, Elis Syuhaila Mokhtar and their son Ferris Mokhtar at the child custody hearing in early February this year.
File picture of Frank Theodorus van de Ven @ Firdaus, Elis Syuhaila Mokhtar and their son Ferris Mokhtar at the child custody hearing in early February this year.

"I received information that Elis and Ferris were staying there and when I arrived, I saw them both standing in front of a fountain taking photographs," said the 40-year-old Dutch national.

"I showed a copy of the arrest warrant for my wife to a police officer nearby but he didn't act on my request."

Overcome by emotion, he ran towards his son and was allegedly attacked by Elis' relatives.

"There were 10 people beating and kicking my head and body. I had no choice but to defend myself with pepper spray before the police arrived and stopped the attack."

Van de Ven claimed that Elis and her relatives rushed the boy into the hotel as he begged the police to record a statement from Elis.

"The police obliged but could not arrest Elis as I had only brought a copy of the arrest warrant. On her way out, she saw my father waiting in a car nearby and did a victory dance before showing him her middle finger."

The next morning, he filed a police report against Elis.

Van de Ven said he had to visit a senior police officer to get Elis arrested in January this year but she was released by the syariah court an hour later.

In early February this year, the syariah court allowed van de Ven and Elis to share custody of Ferris on a weekly basis. Elis was allowed to keep Ferris' passport.

Earlier this month, Elis was given full custody of the boy. The court granted van de Ven visitation rights under Elis's supervision and ordered him to pay costs assessed by the court registrar.

On his son being taken to Belgium, he said he had done so after "Ferris begged me to do so".

Van de Ven said Ferris was healthy and "living happily" in Belgium and that he did not want to speak to Elis.

Asked for photographs of Ferris, van de Ven declined as he feared Elis might use this to "abduct" their son a second time.

Police confirmed that van de Ven had lodged a report against Elis in December last year.

Elis said last week that she was willing to share custodial rights over Ferris with van de Ven if she could see her son daily.

She had said that she did not mind van de Ven visiting their son whenever he wanted despite being granted full custody of her son.

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