For my baby ~ Ferris Mokhtar van de Ven

For my baby ~ Ferris Mokhtar van de Ven;
..for all my love, my heart and soul..all belong to you! This is how ummie love you - higher than a mountain, wider than an ocean ~

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ummie Muna wishes HAPPY 7th BIRTHDAY to Ferris!!!

wawa muna, ummie muna and muna

Yusliza Yahya
Selamat UlangTahun Yang ke 7 buat Ferris, Ummi Muna, Wawa Muna dan Muna mendoakan agar Ferris sentiasa menjadi anak yang baik, anak yang beriman dan soleh... anak yang selalu mendoakan ummie nya yang terbaik.. dan anak yang selalu sayangkan ummienya.. pesan Ummi Muna; Ferris dont forget ur Ummie okey, because she always loves you forever........ SAYANG FERRIS!!!!!!!!
Yesterday at 7:29pm

Elis Mokhtar December 8 at 10:02pm
sorry kyus..dudi migraine teruk sgt...dudi baca sms kyus..dudi bantai nangis kuat2....sedeh sgt rasa hati...dudi sempat balas kat fb je...tak larat nak taip satu2... :( sbb ayat2 kyus tu...terharu sgt bila baca! :( taip ni pun dudi tergenang airmata

Yusliza Yahya December 8 at 10:14pm Report
for your info, bila muna tau jer maghrib semalam, lepas tgk video ibu tu.. muna bantai nyanyi happy birthday song complete.. utk abang ferris... mau kak yus tak meleleh... abang izad pun diam jer... sabar yer... walau pun kak yus tau hancur luluh hati dudi tu... kalau kak yus kat tempat dudi mau kak yus gila.... U R THE GREATEST MOM.... itu ferris kena tau.....

Elis Mokhtar December 8 at 10:18pm
thx kak yus...dudi tataw nak buat apa lagi...2-3 hari ni menangis saje! sedeh sgt, kyus....dudi nak sgt jumpa ferris....nak tengok mcmana rupa dia sekarang ni....tiap2 malam mimpi ferris...
dudi ubat jugak hati ni...nanti jumpa! nanti jumpa..sekarang ni jumpa dudi tak ready lagi...dudi tak move on pun lagi dgn life dudi...tu je yg dudi pujuk diri dudi...

Yusliza Yahya December 8 at 10:23pm Report
di, ketentuan ditangan Allah, cuma masa jer kita tak tau.. kak yus hanya boleh cakap satu hari nanti.. bila kita tak tau.. memang sangat sakit utk harungi.. kak yus sendiri pun rasa sakit bila mengenangkan dudi tau... kak yus bagitau dudi, semalam maghrib bila kak yus tau jer birthday ferris, kak yus baca yaasin utk ferris.. biar dalam hati dia.. tertanam wajah dudi, tertanam kasih sayang dudi.. tu jer yang kak yus mampu buat... satu hari nanti ferris pasti jumpa ummie walau apapun keadaannya.. itu sangat pasti... ingat satu jer di.. dalam darah ferris mengalir darah dudi, ferris pernah hidup dalam rahim dudi, mendengar degup jantung dudi.. merasa panas pelukan dudi.. itu ferris tak kan lupa di.. ferris tak kan lupa.... dudi pejam mata.. ferris ada dalam diri dudi kannn.....

Terima kasih kak yus, abang izad and muna doakan untuk abang yang (Ferris)
amin amin amin
dimakbulkan segeralah hendaknya doa-doa kita semua! amin!

FERRIS BIRTHDAY Dec 07, 2003 - 2008

FERRIS BITHDAY from Dec 07 2003 till 2008..unfortunately for Ferris 6th 2009 and and 7th 2010 birthday...he was NOT with his ummie :( photos of his birthday hv sent to me...not even any news... :(

..this FACEBOOK and online pages are making me sick!! Every single moment i want to post something on my wall...i want everybody knw that I AM MISSING my son, Ferris!! I want to share all the pain i have inside of losing him!!! I thought i have stopped doing it..and now, i'm feeling so much urge to keep on doing it again...

please please..anybody could help me to get my son back to me! I am too longing to have him with me..kissing him, hugging him..and to hear all his stories what he has been through without me! depressing this world!!!!

‎..honestly, i cant be relax! No one can ever make me feel relax! ..i'm to anxious! ..nervous and impatient! If there is someone...just temp relax.. so far none made me feel that calm permanently ..thts all i want! I want HIM..I WANT HIM BACK BADLY!!!

‎..watching he sleeps make me calm..combing his hair make me calm, cooking food for him make me calm...hearing all his pok-pek-pok-pek makes me calm...seeing him around even make me more calm.. and i missed that moment... please... bring back my baby to me..

(from below to top)
1. Dec 07, 2004 - FERRIS JUST 1 TODAY!!!!! -Putrjaya Precinct 10, Malaysia
2. Dec 07, 2005 - HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY FERRIS!!! - at our home sweet home, Maasmechelen Belgium
3. Dec 07, 2006 - HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY FERRIS!!! - with teacher and friends at Sint Barbara Kluster School - Maasmechelen Belgium
4. Dec 07, 2007 - HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY FERRIS!!! - with his teacher and friends at Cambridge School, Manila, Philippines
5. Dec 07, 2008 - HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY FERRIS!!! - Aunty GG's house, MC, Malaysia


i still remember Dr. Harris Hamzah already kept coming around checking on me...
Frank was so tired kept on checking on his pocket to me, nervous, exicted, hungry... i really love him for that! Thanx Frank...on that moment not even a minute u left me alone! ..still i could see your blue eyes looking at gentle..full of love abundantly! ..tht was my moment ~ our greatest moment! - waiting for Ferris to see the world!

..20 mins to GO!! very sure at this moment..i was PUSHING really hard with the midwife who was supporting me like the football trainer! ‎..and dr. harris hamzah was waiting right in front between my legs.. he he he he.. and Frank?? hahahaha he was damn nervous!

17:30 Dec 07, 2003 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY FERRIS!!!!

‎..i remember my 1st night havng Ferris next to me when he just born...i cant sleep and i kept on awake..just to check on him. I was too scared that was just a dream...when i saw him in the babycot, thx God..that wasnt a dream! That was real! I am really a mother now and the fetus whom I carried for 9 months 14 days...was there! He is real! He is my baby! MY FERRIS!!!

..unfortunately, now he has been taken away from me..i havent seen him for 20 months...Now, his existance was just like a BEAUTIFUL DREAM for me! God is GREAT!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


‎...5am, at this hour, 7 years ago, i was at SJMC...delivering FERRIS. He has born 12 hours and 30 mins later at 17.30! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, baby!!! From far far away, ummie wishes u all the luck of the world and sending u million loads of love.. as u know that ummie is always love u and praying that papa will bring u back to see ummie... Ya Allah, makbulkanlah doaku untuk anakku, Ferris Mokhtar van de Ven. Amin amin

Oma (Frank's mom) was there! Ibu was there! Mummy was there! Later abang apan, kak ica, anchik, abang der, kak nang were there as well!! ..and atok too! Babah was the one who azan for Ferris...i pray that u will also beriman like babah...sayang Ferris.. ummie sayang Ferris...everybody here all sayang Ferris.. wishing to see Ferris again... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, sayang...and ummie wishing u this with tears.. missin g u too much ♥