For my baby ~ Ferris Mokhtar van de Ven

For my baby ~ Ferris Mokhtar van de Ven;
..for all my love, my heart and soul..all belong to you! This is how ummie love you - higher than a mountain, wider than an ocean ~

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

FERRIS BIRTHDAY Dec 07, 2003 - 2008

FERRIS BITHDAY from Dec 07 2003 till 2008..unfortunately for Ferris 6th 2009 and and 7th 2010 birthday...he was NOT with his ummie :( photos of his birthday hv sent to me...not even any news... :(

..this FACEBOOK and online pages are making me sick!! Every single moment i want to post something on my wall...i want everybody knw that I AM MISSING my son, Ferris!! I want to share all the pain i have inside of losing him!!! I thought i have stopped doing it..and now, i'm feeling so much urge to keep on doing it again...

please please..anybody could help me to get my son back to me! I am too longing to have him with me..kissing him, hugging him..and to hear all his stories what he has been through without me! depressing this world!!!!

‎..honestly, i cant be relax! No one can ever make me feel relax! ..i'm to anxious! ..nervous and impatient! If there is someone...just temp relax.. so far none made me feel that calm permanently ..thts all i want! I want HIM..I WANT HIM BACK BADLY!!!

‎..watching he sleeps make me calm..combing his hair make me calm, cooking food for him make me calm...hearing all his pok-pek-pok-pek makes me calm...seeing him around even make me more calm.. and i missed that moment... please... bring back my baby to me..

(from below to top)
1. Dec 07, 2004 - FERRIS JUST 1 TODAY!!!!! -Putrjaya Precinct 10, Malaysia
2. Dec 07, 2005 - HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY FERRIS!!! - at our home sweet home, Maasmechelen Belgium
3. Dec 07, 2006 - HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY FERRIS!!! - with teacher and friends at Sint Barbara Kluster School - Maasmechelen Belgium
4. Dec 07, 2007 - HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY FERRIS!!! - with his teacher and friends at Cambridge School, Manila, Philippines
5. Dec 07, 2008 - HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY FERRIS!!! - Aunty GG's house, MC, Malaysia

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