For my baby ~ Ferris Mokhtar van de Ven

For my baby ~ Ferris Mokhtar van de Ven;
..for all my love, my heart and soul..all belong to you! This is how ummie love you - higher than a mountain, wider than an ocean ~

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ummie's 36th Birthday Celebration April 6, 2011

Ha ha ha ha..

I just cant believe it!!!
..ummie just celebrated ummie's 36th birthday celebration! Oh my! Can u imagine that; your ummie is 26 years old? ..woopss... wrong one... 36 years old?????

Do i look 36, baby?

Yeah yeah... i still remember, Ferris used to say: "..ummie is sexy!"

He used to sing for me Sean Kingston's song: "'re way too beautiful girl..." and touched my chin while singing it and then kissed me again and again.
Oh man... he is a sweet lil guy! Tell ya, baby... yes I am.. your ummie is SEXY (ahem!) and ...still as beautiful girl as u loved to sing for her!!

Yeah, on the 6th April 2011..ummie received very special flower bouquets delivery at the office!

11 buds of bordeaux red roses.. clear-arranged! No extra leaves or side flowers... why 11 buds? I dont know.. Why clear-arranged.. because ummie loves that way! It looks clean and 'clear and contented' ..(????)

I remember, one morning Ferris and papa went out for bread and came back with a huge bouquet of yellow roses.. HAPPY MOTHER's DAY, ummie! was on year 2006.. the peak of the love nest of happiness.


Pink and red roses from Untie Gie!! Thank you GG!!! ..u know what... untie G is a florist now.. she does the flower arrangement.. and she has boyfriend!! He is Uncle Syuk!!! I remembered, Ferris once had cried because he thought his Untie Gie has bf!!! Ha ha ha ha! Now, u dont need to cry anymore... auntie G is having a bf!! And u know who is Uncle Syuk well!! The one who always teased u!!!!

From auntie Ayun and Kak Ain, ummie's friends at the college.

Surprise belated birthday celebration at the library!! Thank you!! Thank you to chik Wan, chik Ida, chik sha, chik Emy, and uncle Im! :) They all from the library's team.

 one could ever make ummie's face sour and sad again.. she is breathing, kicking and ALIVE!

Baby, although life isnt that wonderful as we thought, although going through a life without being with someone who is the most important in my life.. which i almost half dead being apart from you..
I must move on..
I have faith in us, for our affections and pure love.. mother and son.. i believe a miracle will happen and you will be right back to me..
Thus, i am learning to accept it whether soon or sooner or later..
my love for u would never be compared and it is growing and keep on living through all over the universe..
"..if wind blows you.. that is me, baby... your ummie is caressing u from far far away.."

I love u, Ferris.. and u know that i will always do ~

ummie sayang Ferris!


  1. Salam kenal Kak Elis,

    km dr New Zealand, sy sunggh terharu baca citer kak Elis.. insya Allah semoga Allah permudahkan jln kepada kak Elis,
    owh yea sy ada buat 1 entri khas utk kak Elis di blog sy..=)

  2. wsalam LuN@_aiDi ..thanks for the supports! Amin amin amin!


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