For my baby ~ Ferris Mokhtar van de Ven

For my baby ~ Ferris Mokhtar van de Ven;
..for all my love, my heart and soul..all belong to you! This is how ummie love you - higher than a mountain, wider than an ocean ~

Monday, August 22, 2011

Miya sings A song for abang Yang (Ferris)

Miya sings a song for abang Yang (Ferris)'s been real awhile since ummie's last post here in this blog. Honestly, ummie just cant find a word what to say or to write here. It doesnt mean that ummie has forgotten about Ferris..
Excuse ummie for this time, baby...
Ummie just gotta move on and start ummie's life all over again. Although it's too hard to keep on living and breathing in this world WITHOUT Ferris.. Well, there is something ummie gotta do to show everyone that ummie is FINE.
But, for the Hari Raya celebrations, as usual, everybody will gather here at atok's house.. Mommy, kak ica, abang der and Miya come back to Malaysia.. and ummie surprised that Miya asked about 'abang yang'..
Since that, she keep on asking 'where is abang yang..' after she saw Ferris little tikes cabby...

And, last night Miya sang a song for Ferris.. she recorded it and ummie gladly post it here for Ferris to see it.. some pictures of Ferris and Miya...
as if u have forgotten, Ferris loves Miya so dearly...

Miya just born.
Coincidentally, Ferris and Miya have almost the same bithdate. Miya born on 6 December 2006 and Ferris born on 7 December 2003. When we gotta know that mommy had to deliver Miya, we (ummie, papa and Ferris) already planned to be in Malaysia around the date. When mommy just gave birth to Miya, we all rushed go to Philippines to be there for mommy and Miya.

Papa feeds Miya...she was so tiny that time! the morning.. Miya and Ferris sleep with papa

Miya just loves to sleep with uncle Frank in the morning.. she sleeps safe and sound!
Miya and Ferris at atok's house in Malaysia, May 2007
Miya is driving Ferris' little tikes cabby at atok's house!

Miya and abang yang are drinking milk in Miya's bed, Pacific Plaza, Phil, Dec 2007
Aunty Vergie always took care of Miya and Ferris when we were in Philippines
Abang yang is always taking care of the notty Miya, High Street, Makati, Phil
Miya and Ferris were celebrating their birthday together on 6&7 Dec 2007, at Pacific Plaza, Philippines
Ferris and Miya having fun with their bday presents!!

Miya and abang yang AGAIN!!

Abang yang is sneezing!!! aaaa..chummm

Yea!!! abang yang is smiling again!!

Miya and abang yang at HongKOng Disney, Dec 2007

At Cambridge School - Ferris' school at Makati, Philippines
After the end school year celebration :)

well...Miya requests, she wants to see abang yang...
why abang yang isnt with ummie?
why abang yang's papa took him away?
I really want to see abang yang, ummie..

ummie just cant find a word to answer her.. :(


ummie loves Ferris so much!!
Sayang sangat sangat sangat
Rindu sangat sangat sangat..
One fine day, baby...
time will come..
just hold on, sayang ~


  1. sally wanny: alahai sy post ni bukan nak buat sedih2...nak happy2 je tengok keletah miya videokan diri sendiri kononnya nak kasi tahu Ferris supaya balik lekas :)

  2. bleh sy tahu...knp papa dia larikan dia??


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