For my baby ~ Ferris Mokhtar van de Ven

For my baby ~ Ferris Mokhtar van de Ven;
..for all my love, my heart and soul..all belong to you! This is how ummie love you - higher than a mountain, wider than an ocean ~

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ummie Paintings Oct 2010 - The memories of Europe

..while we were still HAPPY together

 1 year and 7 months after loosing Ferris, 
ummie started to paint again..
These personal collection of paintings which ummie 
has painted especially dedicated for Ferris..

Do you know why?
1. Most of the time we have spent was in Europe
2. Ferris love 'hotwheels' cars, ummie painted these paintings almost similar with the carpet in Ferris' bedroom at our Spechtstraat house in Belgium.
3. Ummie painted them with Ferris favorite color especially the green one, those were the 1st have finished.

The GREEN series - Maastricht, Nederlands
Ummie's favorite city of all, ummie & oma shopped here a lot!!

Green Series - Green Maastricht (center) 3'x2' Acrylic

Green Series - Green Maastricht (left) 18x24" Acrylic

Green Series - Green Maastricht (right) 18x24" Acrylic

The Purple series - Brussels, Belgium
We went several times, papa, mommy and kak ica, abang der, and daddy, 
and with chik Yan & Aunty Mimi 

Purple series - Purple Brussles 2'x3' Acrylic

The Blue series - Barcelona, Spain

Blue series - Blue Barcelona (elevated highways) 2'x3' Acrylic

Blue series 1 (left) 18x24" Acrylic

Blue series (right) 2 18x24" Acrylic
Blue series 3, 3'x2' Acrylic

The Red series - Manchester, UK
We have been there many times, just ummie and Ferris 
while papa and opa went for ski holiday. 
Later we went there again with mommy, kak ica and abang der.. 
Miya was in mommy's belly that time!
Red series - Manchester 2'x3' Acrylic

The Brown series - Granada, Spain
The Brown series - Tarragona on the way to Malaga  2'x3' - unfinish

The Brown series - a view from Alhambra 2'x3' - unfinish

..ummie waits for Ferris to come back to claim all the paintings. For the moment, ummie will keep them safe at atok's house...
Ummie really wish when Ferris sees these paintings, right away Ferris will get the hotwheels cars and drive them on the paintings...
Ummie loves Ferris so much..
Ummie thinks of Ferris every single fraction second..

Sayang Ferris...

love, ummie

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